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Electric Wood Pellet Granulator Exported To Thailand

In early August 2020, exciting news came from the Sindh plant. A Thai customer ordered 3 wood pellet granulator.

That’s our electric granulator XD 400B. It is a high output type. The production capacity is 350-450 kg/h. 

It is driven by an electric motor with a capacity of 37KW.

The Thai customer uses a pellet machine to process rice husk and straw. They are a byproduct of his rice fields.

In addition, the Xinde pellet machine can also deal with other agricultural waste, such as corn straw, rape straw, peanut shell, leaves, branches, grass, bamboo, alfalfa, and so on. 
They can be molded into biomass pellets that can be used in heating stoves, industrial boilers, and power plants. 
Wood pellet fuel is in great demand in European and American markets.

XD400B electric granulator adopts flat die structure, rotating roll set die design. 
It is more efficient than a fixed roller and rotary die design. 

It is mainly composed of a motor, gear box, roller flat die, feed hopper, outlet, and so on.

Wood pellet granulator has the following advantages:

The roller flat die is made of high-quality alloy steel with a hardness of 50-60HRC.

Adopt bevel gear drive system, high efficiency, long service life.

Gearbox adopts high-quality grey cast iron, low noise, good buffering effect.

The shell is thickened and reinforced to improve the strength of the granule machine.

Equipped with CE standard electronic control system. The emergency stop button allows you to turn it off immediately.

The pellet machine has been upgraded for many generations, realizing scientific design,

small footprint, low noise, high output, and low power consumption.