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Indonesia Exports Wood Pellet Equipment

In September 2021, the staff of Sinde signed a large order with the Indonesian customer — a complete wood pellet plant. 
The production capacity is 3T/hour. 
It is composed of a hammer mill, 3 screw conveyors, 3 flat die pellet machines, a countercurrent cooler, and a pellet packing unit. 
Can complete raw material crushing, granulating, cooling, packaging, and other processes. 

Indonesia is a developing country in South Asia.

It is the world’s second-largest exporter of palm oil, the third-largest producer and exporter of natural rubber, and the third-largest exporter of liquefied natural gas.

Indonesia is rich in biomass materials such as rice husks, rubberwood residues, sugar waste, palm oil residues, plywood and veneer residues, logging residues, sawn timber residues, and coconut husks.

Turning them into biomass pellets can increase their value. Today, Indonesia is Asia’s leading exporter of wood pellets, most of which go to South Korea.

In Indonesia, building wood pellet factories has become a promising business for Indonesian entrepreneurs.

China is rich in biomass raw materials, low cost, the equipment investment is not high, Europe, America, Asia and other overseas markets.

Biomass pellet fuel can be used in heating stoves and power plants to replace coal. It will play a more important role in the future.