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Animal Feed Production Line

This article will introduce the animal feed production line in detail.  

Complete set of animal feed processing equipment is large and medium-sized feed farms to produce powder feed, concentrated feed, pellet feed,

With a high degree of automation, animal husbandry is the ideal equipment.

Animal feed production line procedure:

Animal feed pellet machine production line is in the production of powder feed complete equipment on the basis of the increase of pellet section equipment.

With crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling and drying, screening, and other processes,

the process is continuous and reasonable, each machine has good performance.

The unit has a compact structure, small footprint, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.

It is of great significance to feed maturation, increase nutrition, increase absorption rate, kill bacteria,

store, and transport, reduce cost, save resources, adapt to animal chewing function, and improve the efficiency of animal husbandry.

Animal feed pellet machine production line introduction:

Choose superior performance crusher, pulse dust collector, screw conveyor, mixer, granulator,

bucket elevator, countercurrent cooling particle dryer, vibrating screen, and other equipment combinations. 

Set crushing, mixing, lifting, granulating, cooling, screening, and other functions as one, automatic feeding, fast feeding speed, smooth feeding,

is a set of automation, efficient, advanced as one of the investment, quick effect of the cattle feed industry.

Feed processing, through the friction of the machine itself automatically heating, gelatinization, curing, granulation,

cooling of the material is completed at a time,

the packaging surface is smooth and clean, hardness is moderate, easy to seal storage,

particle size can be according to the needs of users, suitable for processing pigs, cattle, rabbits, chickens, ducks, fish, and other granular feed.

In order to meet the various needs of customers,

Not only provide a complete production line of biofuel pellet machine,  

A separate machine is provided in the process.