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Multi-functional Wood Mill Operation Instructions

This paper will introduce the basic operation of the multi-functional wood mill in detail

  1. Check whether the rotation direction is correct after the multi-functional wood mill is started. 

2. When using the multi-functional wood mill, pay attention to changing the knife.

Extend the blade 2-4mm out of the blade plane and tighten the bolts.

If the thread of the anchor bolt is worn, replace it immediately to avoid damaging the incisor nut.

Wood crusher does not change the power and speed, grinding Angle, keep the original straight line 28-30°.

3. Install blades.  The installation position of each blade should be properly positioned according to the size and keep the length consistent.

4.  After long-term use, if it is found that the grinding size of the machine is not ideal, the blade should be removed and polished.   

Users can use a sander to keep the blades sharp.

5, feeding feed to uniform, so as not to jam the machine.   

When feeding, avoid stones, nails, and other metal materials into the machine to prevent damage to the blade.

6. Multi-functional wood shredders should be checked after working for a period of time.

Check whether the screws in each part are loose and whether the blades are firm.  

7. In the case of frequent use of the crusher, it is necessary to regularly check whether the butter at the bearing is insufficient.

If the butter is low, it should be added once.

In order to meet the various needs of customers,  

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