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Aspects of Attention In the Lubrication of Wood Pellet Machine Bearings

For the wood pellet machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation matters during the operation to ensure the normal operation of the machine equipment. Then let’s take a look at the matters needing attention in the bearing lubrication of wood pellet machines:

1. It is necessary to lubricate the conditioner of the wood pellet machine and the bearing of the feeder shaft once a month.

2. Every time the wood pellet machine runs for one hour, a small amount of lubrication is given, and butter is added to the rollers at the end of each process to prevent materials from entering.

3. Check the oil level of the feeder drive on time every week, and add a little oil to the roller chain drive.

4. Lubricate the pressure roller of the wood pellet machine at least once every 4 hours of continuous operation.

5. The wood pellet machine lubricates the main shaft bearing every 8 hours.

6. Pay attention to lubricating the cutter frame of the wood pellet machine once a day, and in order to make the operation more convenient, it is recommended to lubricate manually.

7. After the wood pellet machine has been working for 2000 hours, or every 6 months, the gearbox oil should be changed.