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Causes of Wood Pellet Machine Vibration

In recent years, as the country advocates low-carbon and environmentally friendly life, new fuels are welcomed by people. As a biomass fuel pellet machine, wood pellet machine is welcomed by many customers. However, some customers have reported that the device vibrates while working. The following is a summary of the reasons for the vibration of the wood pellet machine:

1. The feeding and conveying of the wood pellet machine is unstable;

2. The wear of the deflection scraper leads to uneven feeding;

3. New and old matching of wood pellet machine ring die and pressure roller;

4. The gap between the ring die and the pressure roller is inconsistent with the material produced;

5. The formula ratio used in the wood pellet machine is difficult to granulate;

6. The steam supply lacks the necessary pressure;

7. There are sundries in the pellet bin of the wood pellet machine;

8. The main shaft bearing of the wood pellet machine is seriously worn;

The analysis of the staff found that most of them were not caused by the quality of the wood pellet machine, but by the improper operation of the operators. Unreasonable operation and maintenance can hardly guarantee the production efficiency of the wood pellet machine, and at the same time, the equipment failure rate is high, the life is short, and the cost is high.

In order to better produce and reduce costs, I would like to share with you some tips for using wood pellet machines. First of all, ensure that the feeding is uniform so that the feeding can be smooth, and high speed and stability can be maintained. Then, the appropriate diameter of the orifice plate is selected according to the physical and production requirements. Some users cause blockage due to the small diameter of the orifice plate. In addition, adjusting the gap between the template and the pressing wheel will generate appropriate pressure to ensure the maturity of the particles, thereby obtaining better compactness.