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Electric Wood Chipper Application

An electric wood chipper known as the bamboo shredder is a machine for processing bamboo and branch shredder. 
The machine is simple to operate, the program automation degree is high,
the manufacturer can according to our actual demand and feeding conveyor conveying,
To meet the mechanization of machine work, Xinde introduced the technical principle of bamboo crusher.

Electric wood chipper is mainly through the feeding roller extrusion crushing, blade cutting operation, bamboo crushing,  
cutting into bamboo pieces, the wood is transported by the feed conveyor belt, when the wood according to the contact with the feeding roller,  
its cutting mechanism is a rotating drum wheel, a number of flying knives installed above, flying knife rotating wood into wood pieces.  
There are a number of the square through holes on the outer edge of the drum wheel. 

The qualified cutting material falls through the mesh hole and is discharged from the bottom. 
The large material will be cut again in the machine.

The machine has different models, the common broken bamboo machine model is 216 model and 218 models, 
the bigger the model, the greater the motor power, the wood chip machine processing is suitable for papermaking, power plant, boiler factory,

Wood chipper, wood furniture, and other raw materials. 
The broken bamboo machine can process a variety of raw materials, the machine can not only process bamboo, 
but also can process wood, straw, log, waste veneer, furniture factory scraps, branches, branches, trunks, and other raw materials, 
promote the recycling of wood resources, but also let bamboo, wood, and others play a role.