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Running A Chicken Manure Fertilizer Line, You Need To Know This

Bioorganic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer with the functions of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

It’s made up of microbes, mainly animal and plant residues (such as animal manure, crop straw, etc.), after harmless treatment and decomposition.

Bio-organic fertilizer has complete nutritional elements and provides comprehensive nutrients for crops. 

And the high content of organic matter can improve the soil, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, enhance the ability of soil water retention, 

fertilizer retention, fertilizer supply, alleviating the soil compaction caused by the long-term application of chemical fertilizer. 

Biological organic fertilizer recycling agricultural waste, reducing environmental pollution,

safety, and non-toxic to people, livestock, the environment, is a kind of environmental fertilizer.

Chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer refers to the chicken manure as the main raw material and then mixed with some other organic matter.

After fermentation, turning, pretreatment, finally granulation into bio-organic fertilizer. 

Chicken manure is rich in nutrients, including a large amount of organic matter and a high content of nutrients. 

Organic matter content was 25.5%, nitrogen 1.63%, phosphorus 1.54%, potassium 0.85% and carbohydrate 11%.

chicken manure fertilizer line consists of fermentation, stacking, pretreatment, crushing, mixing, granulation, packaging, and other processes.

 A key step in the production process is fermentation. The fermentation process must be mastered.

The organic fertilizer after fermenting is a semi-finished product basically, processed through the production line again can sell as a finished product.

chicken manure fertilizer line equipment configuration and construction scale are generally 30,000 to 100,000 tons per year. 

such as raw material characteristics, local soil conditions, planting structure, plant conditions, automation requirements, etc.

Guangzhou Xinde machinery company is specialized in the production of biomass organic fertilizer granulation equipment enterprises.

Can provide customized animal manure (mainly including chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc.) fertilizer pellet production line