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Orchard Branch Crusher Daily Use

This paper will introduce the daily use of orchard branch crusher in detail

Orchard branch crusher is a kind of efficient processing equipment of garden resources.

This industrial branch shredder is commonly used in street and community greenbelts, farms, gardens, orchards, etc. 

 So why do we use branch shredders in our orchards?

The importance of recycling orchard branches

In areas where there are fruit trees, many growers prune the remaining branches each year.

These fruit tree branches are rarely specifically collected and recycled.  

Because most people haven’t found a use for them.  

Sometimes, fruit tree cuttings are burned together, polluting the environment.  

Our orchard branch crusher can be broken into fragments for recycling. 

This not only saves a lot of natural resources but also protects the environment.

Orchard branch crusher application

  1. The wood chips treated by the branch crusher can be buried underground to fertilize or rot freely,

forms good organic fertilizer, which can improve the soil and basin soil.

2. Cover exposed soil with wood chips to prevent dust and purify the air. 

They can also be used as potting soil for flowers, fillers, and organic fertilizer additives.

3. Small particles of tree debris can also be used as fodder for freshwater fish and other herbivores.

4. Branch crusher processed branch silk can also be used as the base material of mushrooms, fungus, and other fungi.

How to use the branch crusher?

  1. Check each part of the machine, such as whether the screws are tightened. 

And make sure the machine is placed in a stable position.

2. Pull the power pull plate of the crusher with manpower under the no-load conditions to sense whether the machine is running smoothly. 

If there is any abnormal sound, please check and remove obstacles in time.

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