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The Market Demand For Sawdust Pellet Machine

With the decline of non-renewable energy reserves such as oil, gas, and coal, the price will become higher and higher, and a large proportion of power plants have replaced biomass energy particles to replace them. Now biomass energy has accounted for 14% of the world’s energy consumption, ranked fourth, the proportion is still rising, and the market demand for sawdust pellet machines will be larger and larger.

The raw materials of sawdust pellet machines are mainly: Agricultural straw, furniture factory, and factory waste wood scraps, these materials are easy to buy, the price is low, and the national government every year related environmental protection policies, to avoid the autumn harvest large area burn this agricultural straw, the environmental pollution caused by the combined with the propaganda over the years, farmers increase the environmental protection consciousness, no longer will this straw incineration at random, It can also be sold to make money and turn waste into treasure, so materials are no longer a problem.

A sawdust pellet machine made of particles of low cost, high calorific value, and environmental protection than coal, is the ideal choice for a biomass boiler. It can not only do fuel but also do organic fertilizer loose soil, now many flower markets are using straw organic fertilizer particles, and the market prospect is large. With sawdust pellet machines that can be tailored according to the needs of customers, replacing the mold is convenient and can meet the needs of different customers to invest in production.