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Drum Chipper Daily Maintenance

Drum chipper processing materials are mainly building templates, wood branches, waste containers, waste packaging boxes, and other waste wood. 

Although large template crusher capacity, high efficiency, in daily use must pay attention to correct operation, in order to play a greater role. 

The main application of building template crusher  

Commercial template crusher is widely used for crushing all kinds of nail or iron templates, waste wood, packing boxes,  

wooden pallets and other building forms, as well as plastic plates containing iron materials on the building.   

Drum chipper is suitable for waste formwork processing factories, bamboo rubber board processing factories, artificial board processing factories, 

Composite board factory, power plant boiler combustion raw material factory, and other wood processing plants.

Notes for use of large template crusher 

1, In order to ensure the safety of operators, the operation rules of the machine must be strictly observed. 

2, workers must master the template crusher operation specifications before work. Gloves and helmets must be worn while working. Part of the body must not be near the water inlet.

3. Replace the bearing regularly and check the degree of bearing wear. The running condition of the bearing determines the running efficiency of the template crusher.  
A good bearing can improve production efficiency and reduce the frequency of bearing replacement. 

4. After the crusher runs for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the bearing regularly and lubricate the bearing part with grease to reduce the wear of the bearing and increase the service life of the machine.

5, regular maintenance to observe the rust of the template shredding machine. We’ll coat the unpainted part of the machine with antirust oil. Crushers are relatively easy to maintain. Before and after each work, check the wear degree of wearing parts and the tightness of screws.