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Application Advantages Of Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary drum drier is a widely used dryer, suitable for drying requirements of different materials.

High drying efficiency, adjustable speed. Save energy and electricity. 

Rotary drier is a kind of dryer, is one of the basic equipment of a wood pellet production line. 

Drum dryer is composed of a heating furnace, drying cylinder body, feeding chute, discharging chute, blower, 
cyclone separator, airlock, gear, rolling ring, gearbox, transmission system, electrical panel, connecting pipeline, and so on.

The raw material is sent into the dryer by the conveyor, and the material enters the cylinder from the feeding chute.

Driven by the motor, gearbox and rolling ring, the cylinder body runs and the raw materials move forward in the cylinder.

At the same time, the furnace sends hot air into the drum, and the blower attracts the raw material and hot air, which move to the end of the dryer.

In the process, the raw material will be dried.

The main speed of the drum dryer can be adjusted through the electric control panel.

So that the dryer is suitable for different raw materials with different initial water content.

Rotary drum drier application 
rotary dryer is used to dry sawdust, sawdust, rice husk, and any crushed biomass material smaller than 30mm. 

The drum speed can be adjusted to find the best solution for different initial and final dry moisture content requirements. 

Biomass materials, usually made from pellets and eventually dried, have a moisture content of 12-15%,

and the moisture content of the final dried charcoal is 8-12%. 

If you want to dry sawdust or wood flour with initial moisture of less than 35%, you can choose our flash dryer. 

Simple structure, the whole system adopts electric control panel control, easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

Feed-in and out conveying system saves time and effort.