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Notes For Large Chipper

1. Large chipper before the use of inspection, motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail, and other parts of the connection must be complete,  
intact, fastening reducer, hydraulic shaft joint should be free of oil seepage, oil leakage, the amount of oil should be appropriate; 

2. The signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is allowed to start the spray sprinkler device to ensure good; 

3. Power cables and operating lines must be neatly hung without being squeezed. 

4. Coal, gangue, sundries, and coal dust of motor and reducer near the head must be cleaned and cleaned; 

5. The lap connection between the head of the scraper conveyor and the tail of the transfer machine should be suitable; 

6. Scraper chain plate critical moderate, scraper, and screws must be fully fastened;

7. Transfer machine walking trolley must be stable and reliable; 

8. When the transfer machine is turned on, the operation of all parts of the drying equipment should have no abnormal sound,  
and the scraper, chain, and connecting ring should have no torsion, twisting, and twisting deformation;

9. The roadway support of a large chipper must be intact and firm; 

10. The safety protection network and protection device of the crusher should ensure no deformation, no failure, safety, and reliability; 

11. The roadway support of the transfer machine and crusher must be intact and firm.