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Feed Pellet Formula

Free-range chicken feed pellet formula ratio:

1, young chicken: corn: 61%, soybean meal: 17%, bran: 15%, stone powder % : 2, premix: 5%

2, laying hens: corn: 62%, soybean meal: 22%, bran: 3%, stone powder: 8%, premix: 5%(soybeans can be fried, crushed as soybean meal to use, the effect will be very good)

Cattle and sheep feed pellet formula:

Corn;   65% soybean meal;   20% bran or grass meal;   10% bone meal 1% edible salt;   1% cattle and sheep premix VM88 gold pigment 0.2% multivitamin;   Generally, add it according to the recommended amount.   

Baking soda;   1%.   Vm88 new energy, cattle, and sheep fattening agent,700 jin of concentrate add a pack.