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Notes For Large Wood Chipper

Large wood chipper can crush large amounts of material, so there will be stuck material or residual material.   It can also lead to tragic events. 

So in the use of wood chipper to operate correctly, away from harm, next to understand the use of wood chipper, pay attention to details and cleaning.  

Notes for use of large wood chipper

1. Wood shredders have a fixed speed in the working process, so the output of wood shredders is basically within a fixed range.  

Therefore, I hope you wood crusher users, do not privately adjust the running speed of wood crusher products,

strictly prohibit Overspeed operation, change the mechanical structure of the wood crusher.  

2. The speed of wood chipper is very high, some wood chipper products can reach thousands of revolutions in a minute,

so the blade of the wood chipper should be fixed with high strength bolts and should be checked regularly.  

3. Wood chip machine in the use of the process, no matter what problems and faults,

do not directly open the protective shell and protective device of the wood chip machine,

to stop the inspection, although the power has a great consumption for the production cost.  

4. Try not to crush stones or metal materials.  Wood chipper speed is relatively high, the impact of materials is relatively large, so in the metal and stone crushing,

this process will tend to the phenomenon of material residue flying out, so we suggest that wood chipper users, as little as possible crush these materials.  

If you are cutting wood, stand on either side or far side of a large wood chipper.  

5. Alcohol operation is strictly prohibited, which is a big taboo. In use, large wood shredders are equipped with power transmission cabinets, and there will be wires,

so during the work, not allowed to drink, so as not to step on the wire because of alcohol, leading to tragic events.