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Select Sheep Feed Pellet Machine Benefits

In this article, we will introduce the sheep feed pellet machine in detail.

Breeding industry to raise: pigs, sheep, cattle, chicken-based.

Among them, the price of mutton is higher, the risk is smaller, the growth and reproduction speed is faster, deeply loved by the majority of farmers.

However, as the number of sheep farmers has increased, sheep feed has become a concern for sheep farmers,

Especially for people who can’t easily graze.

How to choose sheep feed pellet machine 

1, according to the different outputs, choose their own sheep feed pellet machine.  
Generally speaking, the sheep feed pellet machine is divided into ring mold feed pellet machines and flat mold feed pellet machines
Common ring mold feed pellet machine and grass meal granulation unit supporting the use.  
Generally applicable to large and medium-sized sheep farms. The feeding method is mandatory feeding. 
A flat mold feed pellet machine is more suitable for small and medium-sized farmers.  
Flat mold feed pellet machine feeding mode for direct, direct, but the output is relatively low 
2, according to the different feed formulas, choose sheep feed pellet machine for you.  
Generally speaking, large sheep farms will choose to supplement their sheep feed with some concentrate.  
If the concentration in the formula is too much, the need for a large degree of curing, you can choose to use a ring mold feed pellet machine,  
by increasing the number of modulators to determine the degree of curing of the feed. 

Feed management at lamb stage 

Lambs can be fed open material in about 20 days.  
Adapting to fine feed as early as possible is helpful for lambs to adapt to tank feeding as soon as possible and transition to the adult sheep stage faster. 
There are several principles to choose from. 
1. Good palatability, convenience to eat, appropriate particle size. 
2. It is conducive to digestion and absorption, and requires a scientific balance of nutrition. 
3, contains the most needed nutrients for young animals – whey powder, can provide a lot of nutrition and energy for lambs.