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Grass Pellet Machine Is Slow To Discharge

1. If the feed machine used for the production of the grass pellet machine is a new machine, it is more prone to the situation of no material.  

Because the new machine has a run-in period before producing pellet feed.  

General machines through the run-in period can be very good to ensure the use of materials.  

Newly purchased machines also need to add a certain amount of grease to play the role of lubrication.  

2. If the water content of feed raw materials used for production is too low,

it will cause particles to come out because the water content of raw materials is too low.  

The water content of general feed materials is about 15%.  

3. Do not overuse the grass pellet machine, do not let the machine because the pursuit of output has been in an overload state,

thus damaging the machine, which can not be discharged normally.