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Pig Feed Pellet Machine Maintenance

The low output of pig feed pellet machine may be caused by the following reasons: 

1, feed pellet unit in the feed crusher hammer wear seriously, should replace the hammer or head adjustment Angle use;  

2. The working voltage is too low to meet the normal working voltage of the feed pellet machine and equipment,

and the production can be carried out after avoiding the peak power consumption;  

3, pig feed pellet machine screen is blocked by foreign bodies, should clean up debris, dredge screen;  

4, the feeding speed is too slow or the feeding amount is too small, should check the feeding device,

appropriate adjustment, specific data can refer to the feed pellet machine output and other parameters;  

5, the pressure roller wear is serious, should be replaced;  

6, the supply of high-temperature steam in the conditioner is insufficient,

so the pressure gauge of the equipment should be checked and the steam volume and pressure should be appropriately increased;