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Grass Pelleting Equipment Production Process

Guangzhou Xinde Machinery is a professional manufacturer of grass granulating equipment.
Grass pelleting equipment is made of corn straw, straw, peanut vine, sweet potato vine as the main raw materials to make the green plant feed particles. 
Feed grains are usually cylindrical and vary in size depending on the type of poultry being kept. 

Green plant feed pellet production is as follows

There are abundant green plant feed resources, including pasture, leaves, vegetables, and crop straw.   
It has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, less investment, quick effect, wide source, easy processing, good nutrition, grain saving, and so on. 

This paper introduces several production methods of silage

1. Basic raw materials are used for livestock. Corn straw, straw, peanut vine, sweet potato vine as the main raw materials, made of this green plant feed.   
This feed is the basic raw material of herbivorous animals, mainly used to feed cows, beef cattle, and herbivorous fish.   
The feed can be added 40% to 60% of the total feed, or all feed added into the feed.   
Adding about 40% corn stalk meal or straw meal to fish feed can reduce the feed cost by half.   
2. Feed additives.   Fresh and tender corn straw, ryegrass, alfalfa, peanut leaves, sweet potato leaves, leprosy leaves as the main raw materials.   
This green plant feed belongs to pollution-free additive because it is fresh and tender processing, rich in nutrition, can replace part of the feed additive, to promote the development of animal husbandry has a very good effect, and poultry.

Feed livestock, poultry, and fish with 50% of the total feed, the price is less than half of corn, but the amino acid, 
vitamin and crude protein content are 1~3 times higher than corn, the average grain saving is 40%~50%, the feed cost is reduced by 30%.   
In order to meet customer requirements, we not only provide a complete set of grass pelleting equipment lines,
And in the production process also provide a single machine.