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The Advantages Of sheep Feed Granules

Sheep feed granules are scientifically prepared according to the nutrient concentration required by different growth stages of sheep.

A variety of feed ingredients, including roughages, concentrates, and feed additives, pass through the animal feed pellet production line. 

The advantages of Feed grain

1. Evenly mixed, balanced nutrition can effectively avoid picky food.

2. Improve palatability of feed and increase feed intake. 

Compared with the traditional feeding method of coarse and fine feed, sheep feed granules can promote the growth of probiotics in sheep,

promote the full absorption of nutrients, and improve the utilization rate of feed.

It can effectively solve the problem of nutrient supply in the period of negative nutrient balance (such as winter). 

3. Increase rumen function and effectively prevent digestive tract diseases.

Sheep feed can not only ensure normal rumination of sheep but also greatly reduce the energy consumption of rumination activity. 

And effectively control the rumen pH between 6.4 and 6.8, which is conducive to the activity of rumen microorganisms and protein synthesis, 

and avoid the occurrence of rumen acidosis and other related diseases. 

The practice has proved that the continuous use of sheep feed for several months can not only reduce more than 90% of digestive tract diseases,

but also improve the immunity of sheep and reduce the occurrence of disease. 

4. Increase the growth rate and shorten the outbound cycle.

More accurate formulation of nutritionally balanced feed formulations based on different nutrient requirements at different stages of sheep growth will greatly increase daily increments. 

Goat 10-40 kg, daily increment of up to 200 grams, compared with ordinary self-feeding can shorten the release period of 3 months.

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