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How About A Round Pot Wood Shredder

There are many types of wood crushing equipment, and in many cases, it may be impossible to tell the difference between them,

So as to influence their own choices, today with you a little understanding.

The general difference between a wood crusher and a disc stump crusher!

First of all, let’s talk about the working principle of the wood comprehensive crusher.

A wood comprehensive crusher is mainly the use of two relatively rotating tools to shear and tear each other,

Eventually, the old block templates, old tables, and chairs, old tree trunks and branches,

Waste wood is directly broken into chips, and its power is strong.

Let’s talk about the working principle of the disc root crusher.

Root crusher is also called rotary round pot crusher, also called stump crusher.

The structure of the equipment consists of a knife roll, a box, a frame, a motor,

And chain plate intelligent feeding system or flower roll intelligent feeding system,

Discharge system, simple and reasonable structure, stable and durable performance.

From a general understanding of how the two products work, you’ll find that the finished product is pretty much the same.

It’s basically chips of wood! Feedstocks, because they are more productive,

So basically are using claw machine material. There is no big difference in price between the two.

So what’s the difference?

The broken material will be a little different.

If your crushing materials are used wood, boards, formwork, tree logs,

Wood board, grass straw, melon seedlings, peanut seedlings, and so on, can choose a wood comprehensive crusher.

If most of your material is root stump, consider a disc root crusher.

As for the price of these two crushing equipment, it depends on your production requirements,

After all, it is a piece of large-scale wood-crushing equipment, so the price will be relatively high.

According to the needs of different customers can also be optional mobile chassis, diesel engine power configuration,

So the price can contact me, let’s talk, I can give a specific price!