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Mobile Branch Wood Crusher Series

This series of models can crush all kinds of tree leaves, wood, rattan, grape branches,

corn cob, straw, crops, and other planting crops.

The whole branch is directly into the machine, no need to use a knife to cut branches, feed,

completely crushed, real strong power, real efficient energy-saving!

It is suitable for landscape companies and greening. Compared with incineration,

it is more environmentally friendly to use the shredder, and waste materials can also be used.

Pulverized materials can be used as fertilizer, return to the field, training base, etc.

Wood CrusherFeatures:

1, professional-grade car steel, high strength and durable;

2, high-speed steel blade, crushing ability, high efficiency;

3, impact resistance wear resistance ≤12cm shredding ability;

4, increase the feed port, convenient to put materials;

5, in line with the EU’s new machinery directive standards.