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How Does The Sawdust Pellet Machine Not Take Shape?

When the sawdust pellet machine presses the sawdust pellets, sometimes it is not formed, and the extruded pellets are very loose, and even cannot be pressed into pellets. The specific reasons are analyzed as follows:

1. Compression ratio factor of sawdust pellet machine

Compression ratio is a parameter of the sawdust pellet machine die, which refers to the length of the die hole divided by the hole diameter. The larger the compression ratio, the thicker the template, the longer the material compression time, and the higher the pellet forming rate. If the thickness of the mold does not meet a certain standard, the sawdust pellet machine is more difficult to form.

2. The gap between the pressure roller and the mold

If the gap is too large, the particles will definitely not be pressed. Adjusting the gap of the pellet machine is a technical task. The overall design of the sawdust pellet machine, or its type of it, may cause it to fail to form.

3. The moisture content of raw materials

For sawdust pellet granulation, the moisture content of the raw material is a very important indicator. The water content is generally required to be below 20%, but this value is not absolute, and the requirements for different raw materials are different.

Pelletizing wood chips such as pine, fir, and eucalyptus, the sawdust pellet machine requires a moisture content of 13% to 17%; different raw materials have different properties, different fiber structures, and different degrees of difficulty in molding.