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How to Adjust the Wood Pellet Machine to Increase The Output?

The wood pellet machine has been used for a long time, and the output will gradually decrease, which cannot meet a series of requirements. There are also many reasons for the decline in output. It may be that some parts are damaged due to improper use of the wood pellet machine by the user, or the installation does not meet the requirements of the standard, which affects the development of the enterprise. So how will we adjust the wood pellet machine to achieve the effect of increasing production:

1. The wood pellet machine can be adjusted at a suitable angle, which is beneficial to reduce the thickness of the material and realize the screening of ultra-thin layers. We all know that when the feed rate is too large, it will cause serious material accumulation, which not only results in a decrease in screening efficiency but also may damage the screen.

2. Increase the size of the motor power of the wood pellet machine. The power of the motor is the main source of the screening work and the main force for the complete screening work. Properly increasing the power of the motor can increase the output of the wood pellet machine.

3. Adjust the grid data of the wood pellet machine. The length of the screen determines the screening efficiency, and the output at the width of the screen can adjust the way of feeding so that the material must be fed all along the width of the screen; increase the opening ratio of the wood pellet machine, and increase the material will be fed more per hour; Reduce the batter porosity of the sieve, if the sieve is clogged, it will reduce the amount of material passing through the sieve, thereby reducing the production and keeping the sieve unblocked, which is also one of the good ways to increase production.