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How to Maintain the Wood Pellet Machine

The quality of the wood pellet machine lies in its long-term high-performance and trouble-free operation, which requires scientific maintenance work. Maintain the performance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment, so as to better create more profits for users. No matter what you use, you need a certain amount of maintenance. In fact, the wood pellet machine is the same, but you will not see any abnormalities in a short period of time, but you will find that the effect of maintenance and non-maintenance is really different. of. So how should the wood pellet machine be maintained?

The wood pellet machine should be fixed on the ground and can be fixed with cement. The motor of the wood pellet machine should be installed on the base made of angle steel. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to test the machine before starting the machine: simply turn the main shaft to see if the bearing is running normally.

Before installation, check whether the gap between the parts is firm and whether the foundation is stable, because it will basically be finalized after installation, and it will be a waste of time and a waste of materials to reinstall the wood pellet machine.

Choose the appropriate ring die aperture according to the raw material. Some users use too small pore size, and often the granulation density is too low, the granules are too small, or even no material is produced. Therefore, when purchasing a wood pellet machine, ask the salesperson carefully what specifications should be used according to the different raw materials. mold.

The wood pellet machine needs to adjust the gap between the ring die and the pressure roller. Properly adjusting the compression ratio can achieve a good effect on the compactness of the particles. During production, the feeding must be uniform, which can make the granulation of the wood pellet machine smoother and keep the machine running at a high speed. If there is noise, the excessive temperature of the bearing and the body, or material spraying out, stop the machine immediately for inspection and eliminate the fault.