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Several Major Failures Cause that is Easily Overlooked in Wood Pellet Machines

The quality of the wood pellet machine has an absolute guarantee, but there are also many users who have caused great damage to the machine due to lack of daily maintenance during use, so let me introduce several major failure causes of the wood pellet machine that are easy to ignore:

1. When using the wood pellet machine, check whether the power supply is in good contact. This is not only to maintain the wood pellet machine itself but also to ensure the safety of personnel. If there is a problem with the power supply, it is very likely that the host and adapter of the wood pellet machine will be burned.

2. Do not shake the machine during the operation of the sawdust pellet machine. Because the machine is running and the screen clamp is evenly selected, the screen will also shake after adding and shaking, so the quality of the pellets is unqualified; Shuntec produced Wood pellet machines will be equipped with anti-shake devices so that the quality of production can be better maintained.

3. After the wood pellet machine processes different products, how should it maintain the main machine of the pellet machine? When we use granules to process ingredients, due to the different proportions of ingredients, the thickness of the drying nets we choose is different, and the load on the host is also different; so we need to maintain the host of the wood pellet machine for a certain period of time, which is also for The reason why the mainframe can be used for a longer period of time.