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How to Prolong the Mold Life of Sawdust Pellet Machine

1. Regularly clean the oil

After the sawdust pellet machine, the oil must be used instead of wood chips to stay in the die hole. Suppose the mold is not used for more than a month. In that case, it is recommended to take out the oil in the mold, so the oil will gradually harden during long-term storage, making it difficult to remove when it is used next time, seriously affecting the subsequent use of the mold.

2. Fill with oil

After the operation of the sawdust pellet machine is finished every day, grind it with oil for a period of time to ensure that the oil remains in the die hole, which is of great benefit to the work of the next day and is also conducive to the long-term use of the die. The oil can be made by mixing waste engine oil and sawdust, which can be made once and recycled.

3. If it is not used for a long time, the mold needs to be cleaned

If the sawdust pellet machine mold and pressure wheel will not be used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the mold and clean it before storing it. It mainly cleans the particles inside the mold and the sawdust attached to the surface of the mold. On the one hand, it can prevent the hardening of the particles due to long-term storage and is difficult to remove; on the other hand, due to the water absorption of the sawdust, if the sawdust on the surface is not removed, it may accelerate the corrosion of the mold surface.

4. The handling process should be careful

The mold of the sawdust pellet machine is a high-precision part, and the mold hole is carefully processed according to the compression ratio of the mold. During the handling process, the structure of the inner wall of the mold hole is accidentally damaged, the forming rate is low when processing the pellets, and the service life is short.

5. The mold should be stored in a dry and ventilated place

Most of the molds of the sawdust pellet machine are made of alloy steel. If they are kept in a humid place for a long time, the surface of the mold may be damaged due to air corrosion, which will greatly reduce its service life.