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The Yield Rate of Sawdust Pellet Machine Pellets

The basic principle of the sawdust pellet machine is to make the powder into flakes, then crush whole pellets. Therefore, the yield rate is directly related to raw materials, and the yield rate of raw materials with good compressibility is higher. In addition, it is closely related to the compressive strength of the tablet, the CNC blade structure of the granulation, and the crushing speed.

If the gas in the raw material is exhausted as much as possible, and the raw material has a pre-retention area, then the sheet extruded by the sawdust pellet machine will not be prone to discontinuity. Improve; the granulation CNC blade structure will immediately endanger the yield of granules, and if the extruded sheets are frequently broken in the granulation box, the yield will also be reduced.

Under a certain working pressure and feeding speed of the sawdust pellet machine, the pelleting speed becomes slower, and the effect is that the greater the working pressure between the pressing wheels, the smaller it will be. Therefore, when customers use the sawdust pellet machine, they should choose a good working pressure and speed according to the specific conditions of the raw materials to ensure the characteristics of the finished product and improve the yield of the sawdust pellet machine.