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What is the Reason Why the Sawdust Pellet Machine Does Not Produce Pellets?

It is a very serious problem that the sawdust pellet machine cannot press the pellets. The following analyzes the reasons why the sawdust pellet machine does not produce material:

1. The compression ratio of the sawdust pellet machine mold is incorrect. The compression ratio and moisture are equally important factors. One is controlled in the raw material, and the other is controlled in the mold. Two ratios are essential. In particular, it should be noted that, for example, when the sawdust particles are pressed, it is suddenly found that the sawdust is insufficient, and adding other miscellaneous woods will also seriously affect the production! Since different raw materials have different compression ratios, if there are multiple raw materials, several more molds must be prepared.

2. The water content of the raw material is not suitable, and the particles cannot be formed if the water content is too large or too small. The sawdust pellet machine is physically pressed, without adding chemical components, and the bonding performance is a combination of appropriate water content and pressing, and the water content of raw materials is an important factor. (It is generally recommended that the moisture content of raw materials be controlled within 15%-20%, and the specific situation depends on the type of raw materials.)

3. The gap between the pressure roller and the ring die has not been adjusted. In the case of sawdust pellet machine testing, it is generally handed over to the customer for use and debugging, and the gap is adjusted to avoid no discharge.