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Influence Of Wood Pellet Machine Material On Molding

The influence of the type of raw material on the molding of wood pellet machine:

Various types of raw materials have great differences in compression molding properties. The type of material not only affects the forming quality of the wood pellet machine such as density, strength, and calorific value but also affects the output and power consumption of the wood pellet machine. In many agricultural and forestry wastes, some crushed plants are easily crushed into particles, while others are more difficult. The wood board itself contains a lot of lignin, which can be bonded at a high temperature of 80 degrees, so there is no need to add adhesives when the wood board is formed.

The effect of raw material particle size on the molding of wood pellet machine:

The particle size of the material is also an important factor affecting molding. For some molding methods, the grain size of the material must not be larger than certain grain sizes. For example, an 8 mm diameter particle briquette usually requires the particle diameter of the feedstock to be below 5 mm. Generally speaking, raw materials with small particles are easy to compress, and raw materials with large particles are not easy to compress. The smaller the particle size of the material, the greater the stretching deformation of the particle under the same pressure and conditions. However, there is also a limit to being small. If it is too small, there will be too much powder and the formed particles will be too short, so the particle size of the raw material can be guaranteed to be small and easy to suppress. In general, it is best to use a quarter of the hole diameter of the grinding wheel to fully release the wood pellet machine. Lignin ensures that a large amount of powder is not produced Particle size is an important factor affecting the efficiency and molding quality of wood chip pellet machines.

In the case of large raw material particle size, low production efficiency, high energy consumption, and low production efficiency, the particle size of the raw material is uneven, especially the large difference in shape, which will cause cracks on the particle surface and reduce its density and strength. At the same time, the layering and abrasive wear of the wood pellet machine increase, and the loss cost increases.