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Operating Procedures For Wood Pellet Machine

1. Inspection before starting up

1). Whether the screws on the wood pellet machine are loose (including the pressure screw in the electric control cabinet), and whether there is any foreign matter in the pelletizing room.

2). Check the size of the gap between the rollers of the wood pellet machine.

3). Whether the reducer and gearbox are refueled.

4). Whether the oil circuit of the dry oil pump is smooth: the dry oil pump should run continuously for 10 minutes when starting up for the first time; within ten days, the adjustment time is 1.5 minutes at intervals of 10 seconds.

5). Check the motor rotation of the wood pellet machine.

2. Precautions for shutdown

1). Shutdown preparation: In the early stage of using the new mold of the wood pellet machine, stop feeding before stopping the machine. After the material in the silo is pressed, add oily material through the grinding port and press it into the mold hole to keep the hole lubricated for the next step. There will be no clogging during the first use.

2). Particle control: The length of the particle material can be adjusted to extend the length of the cutter on the puller.

3). Wood pellet machine mold maintenance: Under normal production conditions, the pressure roller bearings must be cleaned with diesel oil every 100 hours: The hollow shaft bearings must be checked and cleaned every 90 days. All parts above the bearing chamber should be removed first, and diesel oil should be injected from the oil inlet hole to clean the entire oil circuit. After cleaning, the sealing cover should be assembled, and a little thread sealant should be added to tighten the bolts.

4). Discharge port of wood pellet machine: the function is to discharge the remaining material in the pressing room, and it is strictly forbidden to block.

3. Start and stop the sequence of the wood pellet machine

1). Start-up sequence: start the lubricating oil pump – start the puller – start the fan – start the granulator – start the feeder.

2). Shutdown sequence: stop feeding machine – stop granulator – stop pulling machine – stop fan – stop lubricating oil pump.

3). One-button emergency stop in case of emergency.