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Large Wood Crushing Machine

The wood crusher is composed of the body, middle body, and lower body.

The machine body is equipped with a large ring, grinding cutter head, and fineness analyzer.

Drum chipper is a kind of equipment focusing on wood chip production.

It is basically composed of a knife roller, feeding system, and hydraulic system.

For drum chippers, these parts are part of traditional Chinese medicine.

If the blade roller is not strong enough, the blade will break.

The hydraulic system will directly affect the stroke of the cylinder.

If the amount is not enough or too large, the knife roller and the frame will be damaged.

The feed system directly determines the production efficiency.

Unlike drum chippers, wood shredders break wood into fine particles,

The grain size is determined by the mesh size, whereas drum chippers can only chop wood,

This is the earliest processing equipment used in wood processing.

Second, the structure of the crusher is slightly different from that of the chipper.

The drum chipper is the knife roller, the grinder is the rotor.

The output can be divided into small and large wood crushers.

At the same time, the feed port can be changed according to the needs of the wood crusher,

Drum chippers, on the other hand, are not flexible.

Wood chipper is special equipment for the production of wood chips. A wood chipper is also called a wood slicer.

Belongs to one of the wood processing equipment series.

It’s a machine that cuts logs, waste branches, branches, boards, waste bark, wood, bamboo, and other raw materials into wood chips,

Wood chipper is widely used in textile, papermaking, pulping, wood-based panel, and other industries in the production process of material preparation section.

Wood chipper has fixed and mobile two categories. The fixed type is mainly used in factories; the Mobile type is generally used in forest areas.

The mechanical structure of the chipper can be divided into two categories:

Disc chippers with cutting knives mounted on disks and drum chippers with cutting knives mounted on cylindrical drums.

Disc chipper is mainly used for cutting logs, cutting wood chips of good quality,

In the pulp and paper mill used more, drum chipper has wide adaptability to wood varieties that can be used for various wood, such as board.

Wood shredders and drum chippers are wood reprocessing equipment,

However, it is very unfavorable to choose the wrong equipment according to the actual use requirements.

So when choosing a wood crusher,

Be sure to choose your own wood crusher according to your own raw materials and uses!

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