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What’s The Return On Investment In A Wood Shredder Machine

As China vigorously advocates the concept of green economic development, energy conservation, and emission reduction, circular economy has become a social consensus.

New energy, solid waste treatment, and public transportation have become hot concerns in recent years.

Environmentally friendly devices are finding their way into many industries.

The wood mill has a wood crushing function, can waste wood,

For example, used sofa wood, benches, wood decorations, bed boards, etc.

We often come into contact with the daily life of discarded goods into a very high use value of wood chips.

From this, a group of practitioners of recycling waste wood, branch wood.

He buys household wood at a low price from residents and crushes it through a mill,

Turn it into sawdust and sell it to paper mills, board mills, power plants, mushroom farmers, etc.

Make a profit from it.

2022, the wood branch mill manufacturing process has been quite mature,

Wood branch mill on the market is multifarious, it takes a look at the eye.

As consumers, not only to understand the performance of the crusher but also to understand the market price.

So what’s the market price this year? Is it worth investing in a wood shredder?

The price difference of the crusher is relatively large, and the output and discharging particles are closely related.

Typically, you can buy a small household shredder for a few thousand dollars,

Tens of thousands of pieces can buy small factories with the grinder, and tens of thousands of is a high degree of specialization, industrial production of special equipment.

The price of fine sawdust is now around $700 a ton,

The value is good. The incense industry uses this kind of sawdust.

Fine wood chips, chip factories, and power plants are all using this product,

There are also some boilers that use wood chips in winter.

Because this kind of material is not too precise, so the price is lower, a ton also is about five or six hundred dollars.

A medium-performance wood pulverizer capable of producing around 10 tons of sawdust per hour is not a problem,

At the end of the day, the output of wood chips is also considerable.

There are many ways to get rich, and we need to be observant,

Find business opportunities, if you have the right environment, then investment in a wood crusher is also a good choice!