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Waste Wood Recovery And Processing, With Industrial Wood Chipper

With the continuous development of society, wood is used in all walks of life,

And after use will production of waste wood is inevitable, and there are many kinds of waste wood,

Such as wood processing plants, construction sites, furniture industry, decoration industry, decoration industry…… And so on.

Waste wood is produced in the process of use, so much waste wood is bound to bring an impact on our living environment,

Statistics show that China produces about 90 million tons of waste wood every year.

Because of the lack of a perfect system in regulations and policies for the recycling of waste wood,

There is no big breakthrough in technology, the most critical is that people waste wood recycling awareness is also part of the reason.

The global recycling rate of waste wood is only 25%. Considering the comprehensive utilization rate of wood,

About 67 million tons of waste wood are not used efficiently each year,

It’s a huge waste, but wood is a renewable resource,

With the continuous development of the supply and demand era, there is a trend of imbalance between supply and demand.

So the recycling of waste wood is urgent.

Wood can be used in a variety of industries after it is processed and pulverized,

Common edible fungus package, power plant fuel, paper factory, furniture factory, feed factory, charcoal factory, and so on.

Wood crushing can also be deeply processed into biomass fuel particles, charcoal, and other renewable fuel resources.