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Mobile Root Crusher Stump Crusher

Root crusher is also called stump crusher,

It is crushing mechanical equipment for crushing all kinds of roots, stumps, wooden piers, and tree bumps.

The diameter of the pulverized material is 160 cm.

A root crusher is also called a wooden pier machine, a pier beating machine.

Root crusher is a fast and ideal wood crushing equipment.

The machine has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, low power consumption,

And suitable for mobile operations.

Root crusher according to the production of wood is a relatively large area,

Root crushing problem production of a root processing machinery equipment,

Due to reasonable design, compact structure, safety, and production, after the promotion of use,

Good effect, the whole equipment is driven by a motor, low noise,

Simple structure, compact layout, cheap price, stable work, high output, finished products, and low processing cost.

Root crusher, successfully for the majority of users to save the wood splitting machine,

After the user breaks the wooden pier, it is not necessary to split the root with the splitter before,

Then can use a wood chip machine for aniseed, now as long as a root crusher can be.

According to the needs of the market, the successful development of large and medium-size root crushers,

The root crusher has the characteristics of high yield and labor-saving.

Solved the previous big tree stump needs to be split with a wood splitter and then cut with a wood chip machine trouble.

Now as long as a root crusher, you can use the grasping machine directly into the stump of the root crusher chip.