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Garden Tree Shredder

Garden tree shredder Is my company’s aftermarket research design and development of a new generation of mills,

to meet the needs of domestic and foreign use. 

Because the city growing, as the country’s emphasis on environmental protection,

green land area and park area is constantly improved, in order to ensure the transport, many trees have to often prune branches, to various eyesores,

flowers and green belts are often clipped when we appreciate the green leaves red flowers,

but I do not know these plants and the number of sanitation garbage each year how big it is.  

At present, our country garden department branch grinder is mainly used by reliance on foreign imports, and the price is very expensive,

my company after understanding to this kind of situation happened on the new research production garden special branch grinder,

to fill the gaps such garden machinery in our country,

our company produces the garden special branch grinder grinding performance is good, high efficiency, easy to use, safe and reliable. 

The level of this product is similar to that of similar foreign products and has reached an advanced level in China.

Although the degree of automation is not as good as that of imported products,

it has more advantages for the price of imported products at hundreds of thousands of yuan.  

Garden Tree Shredder  Application scope: 

Our company’s new research and development of garden branch crusher is suitable for gardens, orchards, forestry, highway tree maintenance,

parks, golf courses, and other departments, mainly used for crushing and pruning trees cut off a variety of branches and forks,

whether branches or trunks, the equipment is simple to operate, a molding,  After crushing can be used as mulch, garden bed base,

organic fertilizer, edible fungi, biomass power generation, can also be used to produce high-density boards, particleboard, paper industry, etc.  

After crushing, it can be directly sprayed into the transport vehicle.

After crushing, the capacity can be reduced by 80%-90%,

which not only reduces the transport cost but also saves manpower, material resources, energy-saving, and emission reduction.  

Our garden branch shredder can be driven by a diesel engine and equipped with tires, platforms, traction devices, flexible movement,

can crush branches anytime and anywhere, whether fieldwork or roadside work is very convenient.