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The Start-up Process Of the Wood Pellet Machine

During the use of the wood pellet machine, it is necessary to confirm the discharge of the silo and the residues of each process before starting the machine, understand the status and production plan of the wood pellet machine, turn on each steam drain switch, and let off the steam in about two minutes. Condensed water, so that the boot can be more smooth. The following describes the start-up process of the wood pellet machine:

1. When the host button on the electric control cabinet is pressed, the wood pellet machine will start to run, but at this time, the pellet machine has not really started, and it cannot be pelletized or added oil to wash the mold.

2. After the delayed start of the wood pellet machine and the ammeter shows that the current is normal, some oily materials should be put in first, and the ring die should be rinsed for about one minute. It is very necessary to heat the ring die.

3. When starting to feed, the feeding amount shall not exceed 20% of the production capacity of the wood pellet machine, so as to prevent the pellet machine from being blocked or mechanically damaged due to the sudden increase of the load due to too much material being fed in an instant.

4. After the material has been tempered, it feels like it can form into agglomerates when it is grasped, and it can disperse after letting go, at this time, close the door cover of the feed wood pellet machine and press it.