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Application Range Of Wood Pellet Machine

In the processing of the wood pellet machine, it is necessary to observe whether the current of the main engine is stable; according to the production performance and current load of the wood pellet machine, adjust the feeding amount and steam addition amount. The feeding amount must be gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed, and according to the material According to the dry humidity, adjust the amount of steam added.

The wood pellet machine should avoid overloading, which may easily lead to the rupture of the ring die and damage to the pellet machine. The user should not be careless and impatient when using the new mold. Before the new mold does not reach the production capacity, moderate running-in is necessary.

Scope of application of wood pellet machine: mainly suitable for coarse fiber granulation, such as wood chips, straw, etc.

Finished product application of wood pellet machine – fuel:

1. Applicable to all stoves, suitable for rural areas, towns, units, and families, it is an essential fuel for cooking, heating, bathing, and boiler burning, especially for biomass power plants;

2. Granular coal is small and hard, easy to place and distribute. It is a good fuel for potters firing, brick and tile factories, and smelting and chemical industry;

3. The ashes of straw lump coal are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and other elements, which are good thermal quick-acting organic fertilizers. Moreover, after processing the ash, the extracted nano-silicon dioxide and iron oxide are also very popular in the market.