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Tooth Claw Crusher Application

Tooth claw crusher processing range is wide, it can crush corn, wheat, beans, cereals, rice, dry fresh potato;  

Grain and feed, such as leaf shell, can smash gypsum, lead powder, slippery powder, rare earth, chemical, clay, coal,

and other low hardness minerals can also smash a variety of Chinese medicinal materials.  

This machine pulverizes feed/grain/food/medicine/branches and leaves and so on first-class,

simple and easy to use, is one of the necessary things for farmers and businesses.  

The new thickening cavity tooth claw crusher has a compact structure, tight seal and no leakage, safe and convenient operation.  

Beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, stable and reliable performance, loved by the majority of users.  

Horizontal design, suitable for grinding all kinds of wet materials,

to ensure that the machine running processing will not make water into the motor, better protection of the motor.  

Equipped with a high-power GB copper wire motor, ultra-fine grinding, can crush rice, dry (fresh) corn, wheat, dry (fresh) pepper,

Chinese medicinal materials, grains, feed, etc., is the ideal choice for household and commercial grinding.  

The tooth claw type pulverizer, on the base with the host, the host includes organisms and together is the valve of the body of the crushing chamber,

the body is equipped with the bearing and the bearing of the spindle,

the spindle out of one end of the external body with a pulley, at one end of the crushing indoor with the rotor,

equipped with end cover inside and outside the end cover on both ends of the bearing, fastening several coil steel teeth on the rotor, 

With the tooth plate fixed in the valve staggered configuration,

the upper end of the valve is provided with a feeding port, the feeding port is provided with a hopper,

the lower end of the valve is provided with a discharge port.  

The main working parts are the flat teeth on the rotor installed, the circular teeth can crush various particles of raw materials,

is currently widely used economic powder equipment, with small volume, lightweight, easy installation,

the operation, maintenance, high production efficiency, and many advantages.  

Tooth claw crusher is mainly composed of six parts, such as upper body, machine cover, rotor assembly, screen, feeding device, frame, body,

and rotor assembly together to form a crushing chamber, rotor assembly room is the main working parts,

material crushing is completed in the crushing chamber.  

When the material into the crushing chamber, in the round teeth and flat teeth part of the broken strike and kneading impact,

quickly broken into fine powder and slurry,

under the action of centrifugal force and airflow, through the screen through the discharge port discharge.