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Vertical Ring Granulator Influence

Advantages of vertical ring mold granulator:

Vertical ring mold particle press out of the particle used to do livestock particles and biological particles.  

Through practice and continuous improvement, the vertical ring mold pellet machine has been perfected.  

It has the advantages of a high degree of automation, high output, low price, less power consumption, simple operation, no pollution, and so on.  

On the basis of ring mold and horizontal ring mold, further research, and development of the latest particle machine equipment, with “reasonable design, beautiful appearance,

stable performance, reliable quality, high component configuration technology, high output, low energy consumption, low maintenance rate” and other characteristics.

Vertical ring molding granulator crushes wood grains and crops into sawdust for processing into biomass fuel.  

Effectively solve the coarse fiber difficult granulation, for a variety of granulator customized high-quality mold, so that equipment life extension, quality improvement, tons of consumption decreased.

When the press wheel rotates, the mold does not move, and the particles will not be broken by two times.   

Our granule machine presses out, the granule length is equal, there is bo rotary plate to control the granule length, there is almost no powder.   99% to shape.

Vertical ring mold particle machine features:

one.Reasonable structure: absorbing advanced granule machine design and manufacturing technology at home and abroad,

adopting mold vertical and vertical feeding installation mode, uniform feeding, no arch, easy to heat dissipation.

Two, stable and reliable: brand standard industrial gearbox transmission, good rigidity of equipment, smooth operation, low failure rate.

Three, automatic butter: the use of an automatic butter system on the pressure roller, spindle, and rotary support butter,

a pressure sensor at any time to monitor the working pressure of butter, prevent bearing burning.

Four, butter pump small: the press roller adopts the national applicable new xinli structure design,

can reduce butter consumption, daily butter consumption is 50% of the ordinary granulating machine.

Five, high output, not a stuffy machine: main motor 90KW, single output 1.2-1.6 tons/hour, large power, the motor is not easy to overload, can be trusted to use.

Six, double-deck chessboard, up and down dual-use:

can be made into different compression ratios, suitable for different raw materials, a multi-purpose mold, double-deck mold plate, two life.