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Landscaping Branch Shredder

Branch shredder is introduced:

With the rapid development of urban society, the requirements for greening are also slowly improving.  

No matter which city you go to, the green belt on both sides of the road is lined with green trees.  

These young trees grow out of stubble of branches, and after the greening workers trim, a pile of leaves.   

Branches, with the improvement of social development and living standards, people’s awareness of environmental protection is also constantly strengthened.   

The protection of the environment can not be separated from the city’s greening, so the landscape greening,

in the city’s greening, the proportion is becoming more and more prominent.   

Then some garden waste, garden weeds, branches, leaves, pruned waste wood, and other problems emerge one after another.   

And This waste and sundry disposal are extremely inconvenient, not only costing a lot of manpower,

material resources, and financial resources but also the effect is not ideal.   

After the continuous innovation of technology, a new generation of multi-functional mobile garden tree cutting machines came out,

this machine can not only effectively deal with garden waste, leaves, branches,

and garden weeds, but also the crop straw, hay, and other crushing effect are very significant.

Compared with electric branch shredder, diesel branch shredder has the characteristic of easy movement.  

This mobile diesel wood cutting machine breaks the traditional processing, fixed area of the material, it can be moved anytime and anywhere,

to process scattered in gardens, orchards, roads on both sides of the pruning waste branches, the waste wood branches throughout the mountains.  

Based on this advantage of the mobile diesel engine, it is more suitable for crushing gardens, orchard pruned dead leaves, as well as urban green belts,

side pruned branches, because these several cases, to be pruned every year, due to the pruned branches.  

It covers a large area and is inconvenient to transport. If you trim it and pull it away, it is too inefficient.  

Imagine if the multi-functional mobile grinder is processed first, and then transported away by truck, while pruning while processing, greatly improving the work efficiency.  

1. Easy to move  

Adopt Changzhou diesel engine, equipped with electric starting device, use special tires for cars, wear-resistance,

and durability, with an adjustable lifting device, to ensure smooth operation of the machine.  

2. Convenient operation  

With hydraulic force feeding device, automatic feeding device, with the material in and out the device, to ensure that the machine will not appear choking phenomenon.  

3. Economical and durable  

Equipped with wear-resisting cutter disc, thickened bottom knife, discharging Angle can be adjusted arbitrarily,

can be directly loaded, discharging uniform, suitable for landscaping, road maintenance, orchard tea garden.