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Wood Pellet Machine Maintenance

One, wood pellet machine press roller bearing damage causes:

1. lack of oil, burned out, is characterized in the pressure roll disassembly, found no oil inside,

the inner wall of the pressure roll shell was burned blue.

2. The bearing is not parallel in operation, which is characterized by the fact that the whole roller is not tightened,

leading to the bearing support frame falling apart.

Two, wood pellet machine in operation, press the rod bearing note inspection matters.

1. Open the pelleting chamber door, open the main motor,

and observe whether the ring mold is shaking badly when running up and down.  

If the shaking is severe, the ring mold assembly is not firm or the bottom of the bearing chamber is not cemented,

which will lead to severe vibration of the press roller and easy to damage.   

The ring mold needs to be reassembled.  

The inner connection between the ring mold and the pressure film lining ring and the hole shaft needs to be cleaned with oil.  

There is no burr allowed inside.

2. Observe the number of dead holes on the ring die.  If there are many, clean the blocked die holes.   Every day after work,

clean up the materials in the pelleting room and replace the wood particles in the hole of the grinding tool with waste oil and wood chip mixing material,

to ensure that the material in the hole has grease so that the material can be extrudate the next day.

3. if there are many dead holes, we should pay attention to whether the horn hole of the ring die is smaller,

or ground flat, then we need to replace the grinding tool.  

If we do not replace the grinding tool, the output will be smaller, the dead hole becomes more, the pressure is high, the output is low,

the temperature is high, the oil inside the pressure roller loses too fast, leading to the burning out of the pressure roller bearing. 

4. When starting up, the automatic butter beating system will be adjusted to 30 minutes and oil for about 1 minute.

 Usually, before starting up, observe whether there is enough oil in the oil beating machine,

and the lack of oil in the press roller will cause the bearing to burn out.

5. The pelleting chamber should be opened every day to observe whether the cover of the press roller is loose on the surface.  

Because the press roller is an assembly, after rotating with the ring die, the friction between the assembly leads to a larger gap,

which leads to the non-parallel operation of the two bearings of the press roller, resulting in the breakage of the bearing flange.

6. The butter in the automatic oil pump needs to be lubricated with high-temperature

lithium grease without drip that can resist 300 degrees and enter the press roll.  

If the resistance temperature is too low, the oil loss is too fast, and the bearing is easy to burn out.  

Detection simple method: take oil, burn with a lighter, will not melt, called no drip, is good oil.

7. In general, the granulation is about beautiful, the higher the output, the more normal the granulation machine,

so the raw material can not be too dry, nor too wet,

leading to the abnormal granulation feed, a severe vibration,

a calm, this is not good operation, control the average water is also very key.