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Wood Chipper For Sale Near Me

Wood crushers can process waste wood, straw, and other raw materials, and then apply them in various fields.

So buying a wood mill can make money?

Of course not. There are a lot of details about trying to make money,

For example, the correct use of equipment, does not delay production efficiency, what have you understood?

If not, this article may help you.

Installation of wood mill

Installation is the first step, in order to save time, we must be careful when we do things,

Before installation, do a good inspection,

Such as: whether the foundation is smooth, whether the equipment between the components is firm, to determine that there is no problem,

Install in place at the beginning of installation in one step, avoid rework.

Install the motor

The motor and pulverizer should be fixed on the Angle steel mounting frame. Do not install the motor randomly in order to save trouble.

Because if you do that, it’s complicated to make sure that the wood shredder is stable.


Trial machine this step, is very important, before the use of a new machine, no one can guarantee the performance of the machine.

In order to ensure the everyday work of the wood crusher, the test machine is essential.

Put into production

After the pilot, if everything works, it can go into production,

When we put raw materials, we should pay attention to uniform feeding,

Try to wait until the first board is fully in the feed port before placing the second board.

If the feeding is too urgent, there will be a card machine, once there is a card machine, it quickly shut down to rectify.

When we are feeding, the outlet and the inlet should be kept spacious,

Create a good work environment for yourself. Avoid some accidents.

After work

Before starting up, or after shutting down, we should carefully do a check on the circuit,

To prevent electricity leakage, and to ensure production safety.


Regular maintenance is essential.

Generally speaking, we have to do maintenance of the equipment after it has worked for 300 hours.

Such as cleaning bearings, and replacing oil this work is essential.

When installing oil, we have a standard that 1/3 of the gap between the full bearing seat is better, and no more than 1/2.

If the equipment is suspended for an extended period of time, we need to remove the belt.