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Wood Crushing And Chipping Machines Are Exported to UAE

A customer in Dubai, UNITED Arab Emirates recently ordered a 1 ton per hour of wood crushing and chipping machines.
At this point, the customer has received our crushing equipment and put it into use. Uae customers are very satisfied with the results of our wood crushing and chipping machines.

Why use a branch shredder crusher

Branch crushers can pulverize various branches into fragments or wood chips.

In the work of urban greening, as well as the maintenance of orchards and forest gardens, we often have a large number of branches and leaves to deal with.

Twigs and leaves cut from trees are inconvenient and time-consuming to transport.

However, it is very convenient to use a branch crusher to transport these branches into pieces.

The debris broken by a branch crusher can be reused, for example for wood and wooden boxes, or for biomass fuel.

A customer in the United Arab Emirates bought a branch shredder to pulverize the broken branches of his forest farm. 
He then uses a more aggressive wood pulverize to further pulverize the twig fragments into sawdust 3-5mm in size.

The customer then uses a dryer to dry the sawdust until the moisture content is less than 10%. This dried sawdust is then extruded into a rod-like solid, pini-kay, using a sawdust press.

The customer chose a mobile branch breaker driven by diesel fuel, which is convenient for him to use in the woods and mountainous areas and has more flexibility in movement.