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How Does Wood Pellet Machine Improve Material Quality

There are many factors that will affect the quality of the wood pellet machine, such as the wood pellet machine installation process, wood humidity, machine quality, blade length, wood firmness, etc. So, how to improve the quality of the produced materials?

1. The selection of cutting tools for wood pellet machine, and the sharpness of cutting tools directly affects the quality of chipping. There are two types of flying knife blades: single-edged and double-edged. In order to ensure the sharpness of the blade, the blade should be ground and replaced regularly. Under normal circumstances, the flying knife should be replaced and ground every 4~8 hours, and the bottom knife should be replaced every half a month.

2. The installation of the blade, and the length, and thickness of the raw material chips of the wood pellet machine are determined by the installation position and angle of the blade. less than the length of the chips.

3. The processed materials contain a lot of impurities. The materials processed by the wood pellet machine are usually of a single type, and the materials are never mixed. For example, in wood processing, the use of wood pellet machines to process wood is usually applied to papermaking or incense making, and the requirements for the fineness of materials are very high. If the bark on the wood has not been removed, use a wood pellet machine to process it. The fineness of the processed product material will naturally be relatively low. Therefore, when selecting the processed material, you must choose a material with high cleanliness.

4. Due to the lack of timely cleaning, the wood pellet machine processes many types of materials, and after each use, a certain amount of materials will remain inside the equipment. Over time, the color of these residual materials will change. Even if one material has been crushed and processed, the fineness of the finished material will be affected if the residual material is not cleaned, not to mention the replacement of the material. The materials are processed, so the remaining materials inside the equipment must be cleaned in time after each use.